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Lightbox Images

These modular elements can be readily used and customized across pages and in different blocks.

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[stack_boxed_content padding=”boxed–lg” background=”bg–secondary”]

Lightbox Image

Stack features the lightbox plugin which allows you to display an image thumbnail, that when clicked, opens to a larger version of the same image. This is especially useful when displaying image galleries.

[stack_lightbox_image image=”148″]
[stack_boxed_content padding=”boxed–lg” background=”bg–secondary”]

Lightbox Galleries

You can easily create a gallery of lightbox images by changing the data-lightbox=”” attribute to the same name. For example data-lightbox=”Gallery 1″

[stack_lightbox_image image=”148″ intro=”Gallery 1″]
[stack_lightbox_image image=”149″ intro=”Gallery 1″]
[stack_lightbox_image image=”150″ intro=”Gallery 1″]
[stack_lightbox_image image=”151″ intro=”Gallery 1″]